About My Ride

Who: Me!

What: Major cycling adventure

Where: Vancouver, Canada to San Diego, United States

When: September 8th until Late October

Why: I want to prove, mostly to myself, that I can do this. More than that, I want to keep up my remote business and make this more of a lifestyle. I believe that you don’t have to live exactly within the normal path. If you want to bike along the coast for months on end... there are ways to make it possible. I also enjoy the physical challenge of the trip, but ultimately, the biggest reason? This is going to be fun as heck!

How: I’ll be taking everything I need with me on my bike. This will include by laptop which I’ll be using to work remotely on the way. On the way I’ll be mainly camping, but about once a week I’ll sleep in a bed and charge up all my devices and power banks. This is the longest bike trip I’ve ever taken and I look forward to pushing myself to new limits.

This is NOT a race. If it were, I wouldn’t win. Instead, this is a personal trip and I intend to take time to enjoy meeting people and seeing new cities.

A large reason this is possible is because of the Adventure Cycling Association. This January, I won an award through them that gave me the gear and gumption to take on a feat like this. I’m extremely grateful for their support. 

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