September 16, 2018
Bike Trip Emotions Mimic Hills

This trip has been overwhelming so far –in a good way. I find my emotions rising and falling much like the hills I’ve been biking. Sometimes, white sheets of rain fall so fast that I have to veer into cover under trees. Once, a set of new oil pipelines forced me backtrack many miles on a cold day. My body seems to find a new ache daily. It would be really easy to let myself feel miserable in those times.

But for every time I feel down, there are so many more times I feel uplifted. I’ve already met so many incredible people. From people letting me stay in their homes, to other friendly bikers on the road, to fun pop-up street musicians. There’s good juju everywhere. There are these happy little moments every day that makes everything feel worth it. I feel protected. When I’ve been feeling a bit down, it’s like exactly what I need in that moment appears.

I thrive on genuine conversations, and three times now, I have been hosted by beautiful souls and welcomed with nothing but love. In Bellingham, I met Koelle whose home was covered on all four sides gardens filled with flowers, fruits, vegetables, and lots of spirit. 

In Chimicum, Laurie and Dani hosted me in their beautiful home surrounded by nature on top of a large (and difficult) hill. And in Seattle, a group of five amazingly kind friends welcome me into their shared living space filled with fun and good vibes. Each time, I shared in conversation that inspired and invorgated me to keep moving. Thank you all.

In Port Townsend, I missed dancing like crazy and then BAM I saw a little bluegrass band playing on a side street, so I got off my bike and boogied in the street for nearly an hour. The harbor town’s tourist traffic kept meandering, but in that moment, I felt nothing of the world but free-flowing dance and happiness.


My mantra has been to be grateful and I’m finding plenty to be grateful for. When it rains for an hour I’m grateful for my rain jacket and the ten minutes of sunshine when it lets up. When I see that hill tower in front of me, I thank my legs for their power.

The list of what I’m grateful for is getting long. I’m so happy my body is letting me achieve this, I’ve been able to keep up with my work, and I get to explore big cities like Seattle. My friends and family have been amazingly supportive.

I can’t wait to see what other surprises this journey has in store for me. I know I’ll make it, because I know the key: to stay grateful.