September 7, 2018
From Vancouver to San Diego: Let the cycling begin!

Pittsburgh Airport -headed to Vancouver

Tomorrow, I am starting the biggest bike trip I’ve ever attempted.. I’ll be biking from Vancouver to San Diego because

1. It’s possible. I want to show everybody (myself included) that it can be done. You don’t have to live entirely in a “normal world.” If you want to bike along the coast, there are ways to make it possible.

2. It’ll be challenging as hell. Ignoring the voice in my mind saying I can’t keep going and encouraging my body to keep up will be a long, yet rewarding process.

3. It’s going to be super fun (let’s be honest -this is the biggest reason).

Ok, so that’s the where and why. Here’s the when and how.

I’m sitting in Vancouver, Canada right now (at a cute coffee shop called Prado). From here, it shouldn’t take more than a couple days to cross the border. How does one cross the border on a bike? Well… I’ll let you know once I figure that out myself. After that, it’s hard to say exactly how far I’ll get each day. I’ll skirt south of Vancouver towards Seattle, on towards Portland, then California: San Francisco, Half Moon, Big Sur, on and on… I want to take the time to see the scenery and meet people along the way. I’m hoping to make it to San Diego by Halloween at the latest.

Some people might be wondering how I’m funding this. I’ll be working as I travel. I’m fortunate enough to be a freelancer and not have to work strictly from an office. Most days, I’ll either design something or write bunches of code for a cool project, and you can bet I’ll be thinking about my work as I’m biking. Also, by mostly camping I’ll be keeping expenses down, but I will need to stay in a building somewhere about once a week to recharge both my electronics and my body.

I’ll be carrying EVERYTHING with me in four pannier bags connected to my bike. Luckily, this won’t actually be too heavy and I have a sturdy bike. I’ve always been into cycling and have biked long distances before, but this is by far the longest trip I’ve done.

Are there times when I’m worried I won’t be able to make it? Of course! But I’m excited for the challenge of learning how to keep going. My excitement and determination pushes me past that thought. I’ll keep you updated about how everything is going and what I’m learning along the way.

Part of the beauty of this journey will be connecting with all of you: friends, family, and new connections. Please leave a note below :)


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